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Complete trust in Thorpe Heating & Cooling

Published May 5, 2016 | By thorpe

We place our complete trust in Thorpe AC. We have been Thorpe customers for well over 10 years and in two different homes. The relationship we have with people at Thorpe is not merely a company/client relationship. They are more like trusted advisers. Thorpe pulled us out of a terrible situation. We had weekend, emergency AC issues a couple of summers ago, and a friend recommended another AC company. We reluctantly went with the other company. The other company incorrectly installed a new air conditioner, resulting in the flooding of several rooms in the house multiple times. After not getting anywhere with the other company, we called Thorpe and had them reinstall it. It has worked perfectly ever since. It’s not just a job for Thorpe; it is a relationship with members of the community. They only sell what they have fully vetted and would use in their own homes. We’ll never use anyone else.